December 19, 2011

Nilgiris Cake Show 2011

37th Annual Nilgiris cake show started on 16th December and will go on till 1st Jan 2012,  Main attraction this year is a cake in the shape of the monument "Gol Gumbuz", cake is 16.5 ft in length, 16.5 ft wide and stands 12 ft tall and weighs 5 tons.  The flawless replica of the original, sculpted as a cake is sure to leave the visitors spellbound. The creators of the cake have given importance to every details, right from the pigeons perched on the domes to the delicately designed structures of visitors around. End of the show this cake will be distributed to various organizations taking care of orphan kids.

Here are few more incredibly detailed cakes from this years event. There will be a lucky draw at the end of the show and the winner gets to take home one of these cakes.
Cinderella - Doll shaped cake studded with silver beads  all over her gown was a instant hit among the kids

Mushroom House

Metro Train

F1 Car - this one was grabbing everyone's attentions, especially teenagers

Royal Carriage

September 20, 2011

Bhel Puri Stall

Road side chaat stall which is very common in India, "Chaat" is a term describing savoury snacks, its derived from Hindi word Chat which means tasting a delicacy.  Strangely chaat is more tastier at these road side stall than the hotels/restaurants.  Some of the specialities are Pani Puri, Dahi Puri, Masala Puri, Bhel Puri, Papdi chat, Aloo Chat etc. 

September 12, 2011

Caption This

Creative Exchange / Our World / Sweet Shot / Fabulous Friday
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Previous Caption This post:
Many of you asked if this place was flooded and why is the boat so low, No this place was not flooded, this man accompanied by his kid was transporting bricks to a nearby construction site. Boat was low probably because of the weight of the bricks.  This photo was shot in Alleppy, waterway is the main means of transport here. Alleppy is called as "Venice of India."

View More photos from this place here.

Here are some of your Captions/Comments:
Heart to heart. Man to man – lisa
Son, you are not baling fast enough..! – Jackie
Dad, next time can we get a boat thats a bit shorter, but not as close to the water please? - Stewart M
Ummm... Dad, are we sinking? – Vicki / Dad, are we sinking? - Kim, USA
Don't rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby – Mallory
Powered by one and a half men – 2sweetnsaxy
Dad, can't we stop and ask directions now? – Stacia
Is it just me, or is the water level getting higher? - Red Nomad OZ
Dad! My science teacher taught me that if you put too much weight on one end of a scale, it tips! Does that apply to boats? - Gemma Wiseman
All are needed by each one. Nothing is fair or good alone - hip-chick

August 29, 2011

Caption This

Photo was shot in Alleppey backwaters, Kerala

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Here are some of your comments for last weeks Caption This post

Will you marry me??? Please!! - Sylvia K
Was it something I said?? – lisa
Please, I promise to give you my cookie if you'll let me be king of the stump for a while – lisaschaos
Please. Come down and vote in the Jungle Senate. We need the vote - Ugich Konitari
Hey I may be on a pedestal but you still are my friend – capturedalive
I'm afraid of heights. Please don't ask me to go up there with you – One
I know not how to tell thee who I am." from Romeo & Juliet – Anonymous
You'll blink before I will - SandyCarlson
and my friend Anne post the lyrics of Elvis Presley's song "Love me tender, Love me sweet"

August 23, 2011

Vegetable Couple

Figurines completely made out of vegetables.

August 15, 2011

Caption This

My Caption: "Gather the troops, prepare for battle, we need to take over the world."

Previous Caption This photo was shot in Mysore Zoo. The Guy in the blue T-shirt is the elephants care taker, This guy was on the other side of the trench and wanted to cross it. He jumped into the trench and called out a name.  Herd of elephants were grazing few yards away and one of the elephant from the herd turned and started walking slowly towards this guy, when it came near the trench, it knelt down offered its tusk and lifted this guy from the trench and placed him on the ground gently and walked away and joined the herd.  It was amazing to see the relationship this gentle gaint and its care taker had.
Here are some of your comments:-

Take that silly blue shirt off or I'll drop ya – Andy
Hold still! Just 2 more chin-ups – Pat
Sorry fellow your are not my type, will have to let you go – LV
Help help! I am just the dentist- Anne
Where There's A Need U Have A Friend – CJ
Wait wait wait..I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it...I was just kidding - em

August 7, 2011

Independence Day Flower Show

Independence Day 2011 flower show started on Aug 5th and will end on Aug 15th. The main attraction of the show are the the replica of the "Lotus Temple of New Delhi (Thumbnail) and the "Wheel of Konark Temple", Orissa, depicting peace, serenity and unity of religion. 

The 20 feet high and 30 feet wide Lotus Temple replica is made out of 2 lakh Carnations, 75,000 creamy white Roses, Tuberoses and about 10,000 ornamental leaves and is placed at the center of the glass house.  The replica of Konark Wheel measures 20m in radius and is decorated with Carnations and Gerbera Flowers.

The Indo-American hybrid variety, temperate flowers mainly Agapanthus, Lily, Alstroemeria, Prenula and Cyclamen from Ooty, and above 15 varieties of Anthurium from Coorg, Orchids and few other exotic flowers were also on display at the Glass House.

Replica of Lotus Mahal of Delhi

June 19, 2011

Caption This

Here's this weeks photo, I invite you all to add your captions/quotes to this image
This photo was shot in backwaters of Alleppy from a moving boat.
My caption is "Gossiping"

Last "Caption This" post’s photo was shot in Munnar, Kerala, near Mattupetty Dam, this place is know to be frequented by wild elephants and we were lucky enough sight a herd. It was pretty interesting to watch how this youngster was watching and repeating what his/her mother was doing, it seemed like a training session for this youngster.

Here are some of your comments..

The First Lecture.. Sandeep.K.B (My Favorite)
"Son, always remember to look right and left before crossing the greens." - One
The end. – Pat
"Me and Mini-Me" Anna I like this one too :)
"Um Honey, does this grass make Mommy's butt look big?" Kim
"i don't understand why the girls at work keep putting "wide load" signs on my rear! they know I'm sensitive about my weight" - tracy

June 13, 2011

Stone Chariot, Hampi

Stone Chariot, an iconic structure of Vijayanagara Empire is located in Vijaya Vittala Temple complex at Hampi, it dates back to 15th century. This in fact is a shrine built in the form of a temple chariot. Temple chariots are often mobile reproductions of a temple the stone chariot here is in turn a static version of the mobile temple chariot. An image of Garuda (The Eagle, vehicle of lord Vishnu according to Hindu mythology) was originally enshrined within its sanctum.

Even though it appears as a monolithic structure, in reality its built with many giant granite blocks. The joints are hidden in the carvings and other decorative features that adorn the chariot. The chariot is built on a rectangular platform and mythical battle scenes are carved all around this platform.  Chariots stone wheels mimics the real life wheels with shaft and breaks and are capable of revolving, this represents the creativity of the 15th century artists of Vijayanagara Empire.
In front of the chariot two elephants are positioned as if they are pulling the chariot. It is said that these elephants where brought from elsewhere and positioned here at a later stage. Originally two horses were carved in that position. The tail and the rear legs of the horses can be still seen just behind these elephant sculptures. A small stone ladder which once gave access to the inner sanctum can be still seen between two elephant structures.

June 2, 2011

May 24, 2011

Caption This

Thank you all for your wonderful comments for last weeks "Caption This" post, It was fun reading all the captions and quotes, I'm thinking of making this a weekly affair, I'll post a picture mid of every week and I invite you all to caption or add a funny quote.  Some of the best caption/quotes will be published the following week along with a back link to the respective commenter's blog.

Here is this week's image, feel free to post your captions/quotes in the comments 

This was last weeks photo, it was shot in Mysore zoo, I had to spend lot of time near the cage waiting for the perfect moment and I'm happy with the outcome of this shot :)

Here are some of your comments.....

  1. Man Eater Behind Mesh - Sandeep.K.B
  2. Meow?awarewriter
  3. I like goat...but would prefer Fancy Feast - HOOTIN' ANNI  
  4. Hey! Is that a camera in your hand?! Are you photographing me?!! This better not end up on a the world wide web!!! - Marissa ♥ 
  5. Ohoooiii Anthony and wife have a new little cat, he he :)) - Anne

May 19, 2011

Taking Off

This photo of Hot Air Balloons taking off was shot in Hampi, you can see the ruins of Hampi in the background. I've added texture to the image.
Hot air baloon taking off, Photo shot in Hampi
Sweet Shot Tuesday / Outdoor Wednesday / Texture Thursday

May 9, 2011

Temple Tree Flower

Plumeria or Frangipani is commonly known as Temple Tree in India. Hindu's use the flowers from this tree to offer to their Gods and its a common practice to plant this tree near the Temple hence the name Temple Tree.   The English call it "Dead Man's Flower or "Life Tree" as its commonly planted in graveyards/cemetery's in some countries.  The `Temple Tree` is possibly the most recognizable and broadly grown amongst all the trees that can be found in India. These trees have some very sweet-scented exotic flowers. The flowers remain in these trees for almost throughout the year. This tree is also know for its amazing power to produce leaves and flowers even after removing from the soil, because of which Buddhists and Mohammedans think the tree as a symbol of immortality.  
beautiful blossom of indian temple tree
Flower for Alphabe Thursday

May 5, 2011


Birds eye view of Ervikulam National Park in Munnar, Kerala. 
clouds over ervikulam national park in munnar

May 2, 2011

Grand Entrance

This huge Illuminated archway is the entrance to Mysore exhibition ground, Mysore exhibition is one of the major attraction during Dasara celebration in Mysore.
Mysore exhibition entrance illuminated with lights

April 18, 2011


Nandi (Bull) - In Hindu Mythologyis Nandi is Lord Shiva's primary vehicle and is the principal follower of Shiva and also gate keeper of shiva and parvathi. Temples dedicated to shiva and parvathi will have stone images of seated Nandi facing the main shrine.

This giant 350+ year old monolithic statue of Nandi (Image below) is located on top of Chamundi Hill, Mysore. Its one of oldest iconic structure in Mysore and is 3rd largest Nandi statue in the world. This is an open shrine and Nandi is in active worship possibly ever since it was created
monolithic nandi statue on chamundi hills mysore
Originally this was a colossal boulder. One can find similar boulders around this site, there is a small cave temple under an overhanging boulder dedicated to Shiva right behind the this Nandi statue. The Nandi is portrayed in sitting position in an about to get up posture. You can see many sequences of bells and garlands carved over the Nandi. This statue is located almost at the 3/4th the way to the hilltop. If one decides to take the stairway, they have to climb 700 steps to reach Nandi and another 300 steps to reach the hill top. There is a beautiful temple on top of the hill dedicated to Goddess Chamundeshwari.

April 11, 2011

Mahanavami Dibba, Hampi

Mahanavami Dibba is a prominent stone structure in Royal Enclosure in Hampi.  The monument is also known as “Dasara Dibba”, “Throne Platform” or “House of Victory”.  King Krishnadevaraya constructed this in commemoration on the victory over Udaygiri (now in Orissa). Archeologists believe that this platform had undergone systematic enhancements by successive kings came into power.  Originally this platform must have been a gorgeously painted and decorated pillared hall or pavilion of several storeys high but the the remains consist of a massive square granite base in three diminishing tiers.
From a distance this looks like an ordinary elevated square stage. As you go close, the details emerge. The walls of the tiers are covered with rows carved horizontal friezes, they depict anything from the royal ceremony to the city life, foreign envoys to the Vijayanagara kingdom, hunting scenes, Arab horse dealers, exotic animals, elephants, horsemen, warriors, dancers, musicians, clowns, foreign representatives etc.  Probably this was made as a photo gallery for the benefit of the foreign envoys who had been visiting the capital of Vijayanagara Empire.

April 8, 2011

Red Bug

Not sure what bug this is but its bright red color caught my attention

April 7, 2011

Ruins @ Hampi

Ruins of one of the temple in Hampi
Temple Ruins at humpi

April 6, 2011

Amidst Nature

Houses of Tea plantation workers in Munnar
Munnar tea plantations and homes of tea workers

March 26, 2011

Kings Balance

This 16th century, 5 meter tall stone structure stands at the end of Kampa Bhupa’s Path, to the southwest of the Vittala Temple in Hampi. It is also called as Tula Bhara or Tula Purushadana, It looks like an archway from far, in fact a path passes through this stone structure to Vitala Templa. Artistcally carved granite beam placed is placed on two carved granite pillars which gives it a shape of a balance.

The legend has it that this was used on special days like solar and lunar eclipse, when scales were hung from the transom, and the emperor was ceremonially weighed against gold and precious gems and the treasure was then distributed among the people of his state.

On close observation one can see the loops at the top from which balance was actually hung, also on one of the pillars you can see carving of the king and two queens, possibly Krishnadeva Raya and his consorts. (Image below, extreme left) One can also find carvings depicting people praising the king, on and around this stone balance. (Middle and extreme right)


Curvy - A line that deviates from straightness in a smooth, continuous fashion
lush green curvy leaf

March 22, 2011


Black-backed Jackal resting after a mid day meal. Photo shot in Mysore Zoo
black backed jackal in mysore zoo