May 24, 2011

Caption This

Thank you all for your wonderful comments for last weeks "Caption This" post, It was fun reading all the captions and quotes, I'm thinking of making this a weekly affair, I'll post a picture mid of every week and I invite you all to caption or add a funny quote.  Some of the best caption/quotes will be published the following week along with a back link to the respective commenter's blog.

Here is this week's image, feel free to post your captions/quotes in the comments 

This was last weeks photo, it was shot in Mysore zoo, I had to spend lot of time near the cage waiting for the perfect moment and I'm happy with the outcome of this shot :)

Here are some of your comments.....

  1. Man Eater Behind Mesh - Sandeep.K.B
  2. Meow?awarewriter
  3. I like goat...but would prefer Fancy Feast - HOOTIN' ANNI  
  4. Hey! Is that a camera in your hand?! Are you photographing me?!! This better not end up on a the world wide web!!! - Marissa ♥ 
  5. Ohoooiii Anthony and wife have a new little cat, he he :)) - Anne

May 19, 2011

Taking Off

This photo of Hot Air Balloons taking off was shot in Hampi, you can see the ruins of Hampi in the background. I've added texture to the image.
Hot air baloon taking off, Photo shot in Hampi
Sweet Shot Tuesday / Outdoor Wednesday / Texture Thursday

May 9, 2011

Temple Tree Flower

Plumeria or Frangipani is commonly known as Temple Tree in India. Hindu's use the flowers from this tree to offer to their Gods and its a common practice to plant this tree near the Temple hence the name Temple Tree.   The English call it "Dead Man's Flower or "Life Tree" as its commonly planted in graveyards/cemetery's in some countries.  The `Temple Tree` is possibly the most recognizable and broadly grown amongst all the trees that can be found in India. These trees have some very sweet-scented exotic flowers. The flowers remain in these trees for almost throughout the year. This tree is also know for its amazing power to produce leaves and flowers even after removing from the soil, because of which Buddhists and Mohammedans think the tree as a symbol of immortality.  
beautiful blossom of indian temple tree
Flower for Alphabe Thursday

May 5, 2011


Birds eye view of Ervikulam National Park in Munnar, Kerala. 
clouds over ervikulam national park in munnar

May 2, 2011

Grand Entrance

This huge Illuminated archway is the entrance to Mysore exhibition ground, Mysore exhibition is one of the major attraction during Dasara celebration in Mysore.
Mysore exhibition entrance illuminated with lights