July 26, 2010

Pontiac Silver Streak

There was a Vintage car show held in Whitefield club, Whitefield, Bangalore.  I had posted photo's of Vintage Jaguar a few days ago, here's another beauty from the show  "1947 Pontiac Silver Streak"

July 18, 2010

Red Beauty

A new addition to my little garden, I'm not sure of its real name nor its scientific name but the seller at the nursery told me that this is called "Cigarette Cupia" The coloration and texture at the tip of the flower looks like a lighted cigarette with ash. This is a tiny little flower which is about 1 inch in length and the plant grows about a feet tall from the ground.

Edited: I had the wrong spelling for the Cuphea, thanks to Rosie for pointing me in the right direction, after her comment i was able to find some information about this plant, here we go....

Cuphea Ignea (Ignea means fire in Latin), popularly know as cigarette plant, cigar flower, firecracker flower and sometimes mexian cigar flower.

Family: Lythraceae (Loosestife)
Origin: Native to islands of West Indies and Mexico
Light: Sun-part shade
Height: 1-3'
Spread: 2-3'
Blooms: Small, red, 1" long, cigar-shaped; thin pistil apears as the pencil-thin-sized flower matures, blooms year round

July 15, 2010

Divine Morning

Minerets seen here of Jamia Masjid aka Jumma Masjid situated near city market.  Its an impressive 5 storyed building built in 1940's and can accommodate upto 10,000 worshipers, Its the oldest mosque in Bangalore.

July 9, 2010

Color's of Spring

I dedicate this photo to my friend Kala, an artist who inspires me with her stunning macro photo's, you can see her Nature and Macro Flower photographs here

July 8, 2010

Checking Out

Caught in the act :)
This photo always brings a smile on my face, always makes me wonder what's going on his (white duck) mind? What was he thinking?  
Any Guesses?

Photo was shot in Mysore Zoo