December 19, 2011

Nilgiris Cake Show 2011

37th Annual Nilgiris cake show started on 16th December and will go on till 1st Jan 2012,  Main attraction this year is a cake in the shape of the monument "Gol Gumbuz", cake is 16.5 ft in length, 16.5 ft wide and stands 12 ft tall and weighs 5 tons.  The flawless replica of the original, sculpted as a cake is sure to leave the visitors spellbound. The creators of the cake have given importance to every details, right from the pigeons perched on the domes to the delicately designed structures of visitors around. End of the show this cake will be distributed to various organizations taking care of orphan kids.

Here are few more incredibly detailed cakes from this years event. There will be a lucky draw at the end of the show and the winner gets to take home one of these cakes.
Cinderella - Doll shaped cake studded with silver beads  all over her gown was a instant hit among the kids

Mushroom House

Metro Train

F1 Car - this one was grabbing everyone's attentions, especially teenagers

Royal Carriage