November 27, 2012

Superman Toy

Week 4 of 52

Got this superman toy for buying a burger at McDonald (McDonald's happy meal).  I used a sheet of black paper for background and placed the toy near a window for lighting (had covered the window with white cloth to diffuse the light.

November 25, 2012

Foot Fashion

Hand made designer slippers for women on display.
Macro Monday, Our World, 

November 21, 2012

Fun with crackers

Week 4 of 52

Here are few photos shot on Diwali. This is the first time i am photographing fireworks with a slow shutter and I love the outcome :)

S for Sparkles and Slow Shutter Shots for ABC Wednesday

November 12, 2012

Happy Diwali

Week 3 of 52
I decided to talk a walk in the neighborhood and shoot some photos for week 3 of project 52 and here are some photos shot during the walk. 

Diwali is around the corner, for Hindu's Diwali is one of the most important festivals of the year. Its a festival of lights, triumph of light over darkness, triumph of good over evil. Streets are bursting with life and colors, everyone is shopping for the festival buying new cloths, lanterns and fireworks. 

It's a tradition to light a lamp and hang colorful lanterns and you can find shops selling these colorful lanterns. 

 its flowers everywhere, its time for the flower vendors to cash in 

November 6, 2012


Week 2 of 52 - This photo was shot in a gift shop. This coin like ornament was hanging from a wind chime.