October 29, 2012

Pentas Lanceolata

My work and personal life is keeping me really busy; I hardly find time to go out with my camera to shoot some photos, so i decided to take up "Project 52" (a photo a week) to push my self and take atleast one photo per week.  I am kicking off Project 52 with this photo of a beautiful tiny pink flower "Pentas Lanceolata"

Week 1 of 52
Pentas Lanceolata

October 7, 2012


Buddha Statue - The Golden Temple

Feels good to be back in the blogging world after a long break.  My personal life and work kept me really busy.  Thanks to all my friends who missed me and were worried that I disappeared without any notice.

Buddha Shakyamuni - The founderof Buddhism
This beautiful 60 ft statue of Buddha is in the alter of "The Golden Temple" in Bylakuppe.  Encryption near the statue reads "Buddha statue is made of copper, plated with gold. Inside the statue are scriptures relics of great beings, small clay mould stupas, and small statues, which symbolize the body, speech and mind of the Buddhas.  Seeing these statues, venerating them, circumambulating and making offerings to them generates faith, peace, wisdom, loving kindness and compassion in our minds and cleanses unwholesome thoughts and actions."
Buddha Shakyamuni

Statues of "Guru Padmasambhava" and "Buddha "Amitayus" is found on either side of "Buddha Shakyamuni" and they are 58ft each.
Golden Temple Alter