December 20, 2009

35th Annual Nilgiri's Cake Show

Every year during Christmas Nilgiri's (Bakery) conducts cake show and this year it is held in St Joseph's High School Premises from December 18 and will end on December 27th. The Main attraction this year is Taj Mahal (10ft in Height and 20ft in width) and War Ship (40ft in width). It took 25 people and 70 days to create these piece of art, about 5 tons of sugar has been used to make these cakes. There were many other models which were equally good.

Taj Mahal
War Ship

Horse Wagon
Bird Cage

December 12, 2009

Stone Temple

Just a glimpse of My World. This photo was shot in Devrayanadurga, this little place of worship built in stones dates back to 17th Century

December 10, 2009

Gopalaswamy Hills

This Photo was shot on Gopalaswamy hills which is a part of Bandipur National Forest. Its a Panorama made of 3 photo's (shot handheld)

December 7, 2009

Nellikai Basavanna

This Huge 1000 Year old Monolith Statue of the Bull is on Nandi Hills. Its called Neelikai Bassavanna (Bassavanna means bull) and measures 10 Feet long and 6 Feet Height Carved in Chola's style. This is called Nellikai Basavanna as there is a Nellikai Tree (Phyllanthus Emblica) infront of this statue.