February 12, 2012


Ancient Carving of Hindu mythical character Garuda. Garuda appears both in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Garuda has wings of an Eagle (Brahminy Kite in Indian version) and body of a man, he is also a carrier of god Vishnu.
Photo Location: Krishna temple courtyard, Hampi.

February 1, 2012

Band Tower, Hampi

Band Tower is on of the tall structures found within a large compound of Danaik's Enclusure in Hampi.  This structure dates back to 13th century and this is the only structure in Danaik's Enclusure which is still in good shape.  Its a two-storied hexagonal building with narrow stairways leading to the top. There is no clear information as to why this is called Band Tower, one of the localite told me that if we clap standing in the center of the ground floor of this building, sound is amplified and sounds like its from a band {it sure does because I tried it :)} but looks like this structure was a watch tower more than a band tower.

Another prominent structure in this enclosure is the Mosque (stone structure seen next to the band tower in the picture).  It is said that this Mosque was originally a temple, later converted to a mosque when muslims invaded Vijayanagara Empire.

(Converted the image to B&W and added texture just to get a feel of the bygone era.)
Band Tower of Hampi