December 20, 2009

35th Annual Nilgiri's Cake Show

Every year during Christmas Nilgiri's (Bakery) conducts cake show and this year it is held in St Joseph's High School Premises from December 18 and will end on December 27th. The Main attraction this year is Taj Mahal (10ft in Height and 20ft in width) and War Ship (40ft in width). It took 25 people and 70 days to create these piece of art, about 5 tons of sugar has been used to make these cakes. There were many other models which were equally good.

Taj Mahal
War Ship

Horse Wagon
Bird Cage


  1. Ohhh!!! this is really art Anthony, almost all to pretty to eat, almost just to watch.

    Still no snow in our place, but I am Waiting and waiting for it to come. The darkness in our country you know, so all to much in this time of the year. Just a few hours in the day we see the light, and it`s hard for most of ous to manage.
    Cold days we have, but the most of ous is spending time inside preperng for christmas,dekorating and making good food.

    Hope you have fine days mye friend, because I care, you have been such a god blog friend you know.

    Hugs from Anne

  2. These are cakes???


  3. My reaction was the same! OMG! Cakes!! How incredibly beautiful and creative! Your photos are awesome as always, Sam! Hmmmm I think I feel a sweet attack coming on!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. wow, that's impressive, talk about intricate details! cool photos of some really neat subjects!

  5. Those are utterly amazing. Some people have great imagination and talent to match.

  6. Now that's quite yummy!

    The last cake might just make all the fish obese ;) :P

    Enjoyed the clicks!


  7. A Cake Show!
    Well,that's certainly different.
    But the cakes are all too pretty to eat.

  8. A great treat to eyes Samson. :)
    A Merry Christmas to you!

  9. A lovely piece of art and very creative.
    Wish you Happy Christmas.

  10. Very amazing. Can't imagine making something like that. Nice photos and detail.

  11. ....The last time I've seen the Taj Mahal isover 13 years ago.....a dream of a see it in a sweet cake shape: just AMAZING ...!!!!
    oh...I do love cake....!
    Those pics are wonderful!!!!!!!
    have a great day!
    ciao elvira

  12. Wonderful and amazing cakes. Taj Mahal is my favorite, looks too beautiful to eat!

  13. Oh wow, I looove cake, but these are all so pretty, just works of art that I would be shy to even touch them, let alone eat them and ruining them.

    I bet this is a well attended activity. Thanks for sharing these lovely cakes.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  14. Incredible bakery sculptures. Lots of imagination and hard work.

  15. Great creations. I love you photos, they are supurb. Merry Christmas.

  16. BIG hug for you too also my friend :-) Happy Chrsitmas *smask*

  17. Wow, those are incredible!!! I'd better not let my kids see these, as it is they start poring over the birthday cake books months ahead of time.

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