May 24, 2011

Caption This

Thank you all for your wonderful comments for last weeks "Caption This" post, It was fun reading all the captions and quotes, I'm thinking of making this a weekly affair, I'll post a picture mid of every week and I invite you all to caption or add a funny quote.  Some of the best caption/quotes will be published the following week along with a back link to the respective commenter's blog.

Here is this week's image, feel free to post your captions/quotes in the comments 

This was last weeks photo, it was shot in Mysore zoo, I had to spend lot of time near the cage waiting for the perfect moment and I'm happy with the outcome of this shot :)

Here are some of your comments.....

  1. Man Eater Behind Mesh - Sandeep.K.B
  2. Meow?awarewriter
  3. I like goat...but would prefer Fancy Feast - HOOTIN' ANNI  
  4. Hey! Is that a camera in your hand?! Are you photographing me?!! This better not end up on a the world wide web!!! - Marissa ♥ 
  5. Ohoooiii Anthony and wife have a new little cat, he he :)) - Anne


  1. Coincidentally, I do Captions posts every week and I found your thumbnail just next to mine at Lisa Gordon Photography. Love your photo!

    "Son, always remember to look right and left before crossing the greens."

    "We are both photogenic!"

  2. Anthony, this is wonderful, and thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange!

    My quote to go with it? "Honey, do you think this is my best side???"

    Have a great Tuesday!


  3. The First Lecture..
    (Always be Great full to Green)

  4. It couldn´t be better. Great photo!

  5. Bottoms up! Or did I mean bottoms down?
    Joyce M

  6. The Great Big World

  7. :)) what a funny thing to do Anthony, me like a lot dear friend.

  8. What an amazing shot Anthony!

  9. I can't think of a funny caption. Adorable shot though!

  10. I have no caption for you, but what a beautiful photo! I love all the green and the mom and baby walking side by side.

  11. This is such a beautiful picture!!! The green is so vivid!!

    I can hear the mama saying to her baby - You did this to my body, son. My midsection never USED to be bigger than my hips. And let's not even talk about my baggy You-Know-Whats. :-L

    Have a great weekend!

  12. 'Hey Samson, does this make my hips look big?'

  13. Hallo Samson, that´s really worth the waiting time. So cute. I wouldn´t think it´s in the zoo,;) but in nature. LG Tina

  14. I love the shot! Here is my caption: "Um Honey, does this grass make Mommy's butt look big?"

  15. @one - great caption suggestions.
    @kim - i was thinking that too!

    my caption suggestion: "i don't understand why the girls at work keep putting "wide load" signs on my rear! they know i'm sensitive about my weight"

  16. Very Nice pic love the green its so dreamy.....

    "Bonding With Mum"