September 12, 2011

Caption This

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Many of you asked if this place was flooded and why is the boat so low, No this place was not flooded, this man accompanied by his kid was transporting bricks to a nearby construction site. Boat was low probably because of the weight of the bricks.  This photo was shot in Alleppy, waterway is the main means of transport here. Alleppy is called as "Venice of India."

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Here are some of your Captions/Comments:
Heart to heart. Man to man – lisa
Son, you are not baling fast enough..! – Jackie
Dad, next time can we get a boat thats a bit shorter, but not as close to the water please? - Stewart M
Ummm... Dad, are we sinking? – Vicki / Dad, are we sinking? - Kim, USA
Don't rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby – Mallory
Powered by one and a half men – 2sweetnsaxy
Dad, can't we stop and ask directions now? – Stacia
Is it just me, or is the water level getting higher? - Red Nomad OZ
Dad! My science teacher taught me that if you put too much weight on one end of a scale, it tips! Does that apply to boats? - Gemma Wiseman
All are needed by each one. Nothing is fair or good alone - hip-chick


  1. Oh my! What a beautiful image....the color is such a beautiful contrast to an equally beautiful sculpture.

  2. Amazing contrast and details, a fantastic image.

  3. What a striking image! The richly colored robes are the perfect accent to the sculpture! I think the caption should read, simply - Peace and Serenity.

  4. Beautiful moment, shot, composition!

  5. I like the colours in this image. Is that Buddha's statue? May all be well and happy.

  6. Oh, I do love your composition and the one spot of brilliant color! As for a caption -- I'm feeling silly this morning so how about, "Hmmmm, I don't think we have any shoes in your size." Hope you have a great week, Sam!


  7. wow! that is a truly great capture!

  8. Anthony, this is a wonderful photograph.
    I love your use of selective color here.
    My caption: "We are just a small piece of a very big picture."

    Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  9. A wonderful shot, the saffron robe in a monochrome world.
    Considering the state of the world I would caption
    "Praying for Peace"

  10. What a wonderful statue and a great photo. Thanks for sharing your world.

  11. what a dynamic image, Anthony...the texture and color contrast are both stunning! fabulous composition! wOw!

  12. Such a wonderfully tranquil Image Samson, as is your header photo.

  13. Wow - so very gorgeous!

  14. Certainly captures the size if the statue vs person. The color is wonderful adding a punch to the reflective moment.

  15. Just beautiful...the image caught my eye in the Creative Exchange thumbnail. What a beautiful moment you captured.

  16. Very exotic and delicious blog! Truly pleasure to scroll down and see your great photos.

  17. WoW Anthony! I have to say you live in a country so beautiful, with so much culture and history. I rejoice in all the pictures you show, one more beautiful than the other.

    And my contribution must be.. ; `Ohhh Lord! it smells...`

    Hugs from Anne.

  18. Beautiful shot. I can't decide if you have manipulated to get the monochrome / orange or if that is naturally the colour of the scene. if it is - what serendipity to be there at this moment!