April 5, 2010

Odegal Basati

HDR Image of Odegal Basti
Odegal Basti is located at Shravanabelagola and is datable to 14th Century A.D. Odegal Basti is so called because of the stone props against its basement (Odegal means broken stones). It is the only Trikutachala (triple-shrine) temple at Shravanabelagola. It is called the triple-shrine because of the three Sanctums present inside the temple.

Built of granite blocks, it is impressive for the commanding position it occupies on the Vindyagiri Hill. One has to climb about 600 steps to reach this place. All the pillars in the main hall are circular in shape and the outer walls are very simple. In the three Sanctums are beautiful images of Thirthankaras carved in schist.

Following are the statues of the three Thirthankara's present in the shrine.
To the center is the Aadinatha Thirthankara

To the left you can see Shanthinatha Thirthankara

and to the right is the Neminatha Thirthankara

More to come from Shravanabelagola.....


  1. This ancient temple is not only amazing architecturally, but, your capture is outstanding. The people coming and going show it is still alive and thriving today. It is lighted just perfectly...

    And, yes, help yourself to the "hug" badge and pass it on as you please! Be sure to keep one for yourself too!

  2. Ohhh, your word so different than mine Anthony, but still my friend I feel :-)

    Such a nice picture, and no snow...

  3. Fantastic capture as always, Sam! And what a fascinating place1 I, too, love seeing the people moving about and it is still very "alive"! Hope you have a great week!


  4. Thanks Anne, it sure is very different... I've seen snow only in photo's and your blog has lot of them lately... last winter season we recorded 8 degrees on one of the night and it was said
    as the coldest night recorded in the past 10 years and i've read on your blog that it was about -32 in december and that's extreme... Lookin at your photo's i always wonder how does it feel to have so much snow around ;)

  5. Thanks Sylvia, this a famous tourist place so lot of people come here which keeps the place busy and alive

  6. that's outstanding. hope this still stands after this century.

  7. @ ewok1983

    Hope the same too....

  8. Anthony: Wonderful views of the temple, you captured it so wonderfully.

  9. I like this temple so much. The stones and design give it such a permanent and solid look.

  10. aloha,

    what a wonderful day today is visiting your corner of the world and seeing this beautiful temple, i love seeing the beautiful buddhas inside (at least i hope they are buddhas)....thanks for showing this to us!

  11. Your shot of the people walking into this magnificent temple is outstanding, Anthony.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world.

  12. nice and distortion less!

  13. The architectural and construction by of the people centuries ago is amazing! The Gopalswamy Temple is a beautiful site and it is nice to see that these shrines are still in use today.

  14. Great capture and I agree with the others the structure is amazing. Thanks for sharing, Samson. Have a nice day

  15. Ohhh!!! Anthony!!! thanks a lot for the wonderful good smelling hug :-)
    I need it a lot these days.

    The cold and the snow..., I tell you my friend, from my hart, and I actually meen it; Welcome to Norway anytime you like, be my guest!! Sommertime or wintertime. The cold days, its spesial you know, but with a lot of warm clothes it feels so... so... fresh in a way, you feel so alive, and its so easy and it feels so good to breath...in a way. The sound of just your feet in the cold snow, a spesial sound... And sometimes when the air has a lot of snow coming, its so silent!!!!! you won`t belive it at all, nothing to hear, just a very very god relaxing feeling.

    Norway is a expencive country to visit for tourists, but I would love to have you as a guest.
    North in our country we have the spesial midnight sun you know, and that would have been great for you I suppose, light all the night trough, spesial yes :-)

    Hug back to you from me!!

  16. An amazing temple! The outside reminds me of the Mayan temples in Central America. Such a wonderful piece of history and culture. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I love the photos!

    The structure is quite impressive. Ancient and beautiful. It's amazing how well-maintained the place is despite the number of tourists that come to visit.