December 30, 2010

Best of 2010

I have compiled and posted 12 photos which I feel is best among the 162 photos I posted in the year 2010. Some of them are my favorites for the memories it brings back and some based on the comments received.
Would love to know what photos you would pick if you had to select top 3 from this list ?????
I also take this opportunity to thank all the followers and visitors to my blog. Hope you all enjoyed the photos and information posted here.
**** Wishing you all a very Happy new Year 2011 ****

Here are the photos in no particular order
1. Philomenas Church, Mysore (HDR Image)
HDR image of st Philomenas Cathedral, Mysore

2. Full Moon
close up of full moon with incredible details

3. Gumbaz, Srirangapatna (HDR Image)
HDR image of Gumbaz in Srirangapatna

4. Light House
Beautiful sunset photo with light house as silhoute

5. Evening In Alleppy
Boat house in backwaters of alleppy

6. Couple

7. Mysore Palace
Mysore palace lit with thousands of light bulbs

8. Offering Prayer
priest standing in front of gomateshwara statue and offering prayer

9. Rain Drop
glittering rain droplet on rose leaf

10. Ray Of Hope
Sunset photo with statue of jesus on cross as a silhoute

11. St Francis Xavier Cathedral, Bangalore (HDR Image)
HDR image of Xaviers cathedral, Bangalore

12. Lonely Bird


  1. Each photo is so dramatic! The scenes have so much depth of colour and vibrancy! If I had to pick favourites, I think I would have to choose Mysore Palace for its amazing magic and Ray of Hope for its amazing depth of spirit!

  2. These are so incredible, Sam, that I have a very difficult time choosing only three, but I guess my choices would be numbers 1, 4, 10. They're all superb! Wishing you and your lovely new wife a very wonderful Happy New Year!


  3. *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* (standing ovation)

    we have the sort of same idea for today's post. except that mine weren't chosen as the best of what i have posted. just a recall of what i have captured skywwatching wise the entire year.

    happy new year.

  4. Wow, fantastic images! I loved them all. Happy New Years!

  5. Really cool shots!

    Happy SWF & Happy Happy New Year! =)

  6. Very amazing photos!! Happy New Year!
    Sky Watch

  7. All of these images are just gorgeous! I couldn't pick a favorite out of all of them, they are all just awesome.
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

  8. Thanks for sharing your breathtaking momennts of 2010. I would choose the Mysore Church as the best.

  9. Beautiful SkyWatch posting! and overview
    thank you for sharing this beautiful photo work

    Thanks for your visits and comments in the past Year.
    I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.

    Happy SWF! Have a good weekend,
    Regards, Bram

    My SkyWatch on WordPress

    Seen on Sky Watch Friday, Season 4, Episode 25

  10. very difficult task to pick 3 out of 10, I would pick the monkey couple as I think to take animal shot is not easy..they can move at any minute..and the rest I pick the Offering Prayer and Ray of Hope!

    Happy New Year!

  11. I have been to many Sky Watch Friday posts this morning and your photographs are beyond gorgeous. I'm mesmerized and you are an inspiration! Happy New Year. xoxo

  12. Happy New Year dear firend!!

    Can I have a better start on this year? wake up a early morning and se all this! You are uniqe!! an artist with the camera, so absolutt perfekt.
    I lust loved tham all, and they all tell me a story in a way... but...
    3. Gumbaz, 6. Couple, and
    8. Offering Prayer was marwelous in my eyes .-)
    The colourfull prayer against the grey stone..., the eyes of the couple... went strigt to my hart.

    New year, new start, juhu!! Unveliveble, and I hope this year will bring ous many good days to. Last year was very spesial I guess, your wedding of ourse :-) And all we orhers was happy to se it all in your blog also.

    Snow snow snow here hese days, last night at midnight, a few minuttes free from it, and the sky opend so we couldt watch the firework, on my veranda with my camera and my little family.

    Thank you so much for the mail, I have noticed the adress, and one day I try to send you some spesial norwegian chocolate, it will warm my hart if it tastes you and your lovely vife.

    All good wishes for this new year. Hugs from Anne.

  13. Hi All your photographs are wonderful, I couldn't choose a favourite!!

    A very happy new year and I will follow your blog in 2011 and look forward to seeing many more wonderful shots!!

    Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  14. Each and every one of these is spectacular!

  15. The three I choose are:

    Philomenas Church, Mysore
    Rain Drop
    Ray of Hope

    Happy Blue Monday!

  16. What a talent you have been given. Just gorgeous.

  17. it's difficult to choose only 3, these are all gorgeous! here are my favorites:

    Philomenas Church
    Ray of Hope

  18. Your shots are just wonderful! The HDR pictures are stunning! Good wishes for 2011.

  19. These are all so gorgeous! You did such a beautiful job.

  20. That's an impressive collection of photos from last year. It's hard to pick three. I liked Gumbaz, Srirangapatna; the lighthouse; the bird in silhouette; but I also am impressed by the close-up of the moon.

  21. They're all incredibly beautiful but I love numbers 6 through 10 the best.

  22. wow I was in awe over the lighthouse! beautiful!

  23. Bravo! Some of the best photos I've ever seen!

    Happy Outdoor Wed!


    Sheila :-)

  24. Collection is like no other. I especially like #8 Offering Prayer.
    Joyce M

  25. I have 4 choices - 6,9,10&2
    All the photographs you picked are wonderful so it was a hard decision.