September 4, 2009

Unknown Visitor

Spotted these birds in bush next to my house this morning, took this photo from my room window.... this is the only shot i could take, they disappeared by the time i went out....


  1. Hello Samson. Sorry but it is not one I know. It look like some kind of Batis but you might have another name for it. Is it a very small bird? I cannot see the beak too well but it could also be a Cisticola or Warbler. Hope this helps. :)

  2. Yes it is very small bird, something like a sparrow, ya the beak is kinda blurred, i should've increased the shutter speed..... anyways it was nice to see these cute little birds, its hard to even spot a sparrow these days in the place where i live....

  3. How unfortunate that nature is being driven so far out oc city limits. If it is very small it is most likely a Cisticola.