August 14, 2009


Having Woken up pretty early on a Saturday morning to take some photos of a sunrise during my stay in Pandavapura and spending the rest of the morning doing nothing, decided to go to Melukote which is about 28 kmts from Pandavapura.

It was bright and sunny when we started but it started raining when we were half way through, but the rain did not last long, sun started smiling at us again and we (me and my 2 younger brother's Chris and Tony) continued our journey with a smile on our face.... 

First we reached Melkote Temple Wildlife Sanctuary. Which is a at a Foot of the hill It was established mainly to protect the wolf. Other mammals found in this sanctuary are jungle cat, leopard, bonnet macaque, langur and pangolin. It is also an ornithologist's paradise, with numerous species of birds indigenous to the area. 

We could only spot some ducks, they were not used human presence i guess, they took off with a slightest sound.... Heard a Peacock cry from far but did not want to go deep in the sanctuary.... especially after know there are leopard's :)

Melukote is one of the sacred places in Karnataka. It is built on rocky hills overlooking the Cauvery valley.     

On the top of the hill is an impressive temple of Yoga Narasimha. which is at a height of 1,777 mtr. from the mean sea level is a creation of the Hoysala times. 

Temple has a with a beautiful image of a seated Yoganarasimha with Yogapatta
This is believed to be one of the seven holy centres of Narasimha Worship. A huge drum donated by Tipu Sultan and a bell Donated by the Mysore Parakalamatha are seen here. Krishnaraja Wodeyar III presented a gold crown to this temple. A Panoramic view can be had from here.

The temple infrastructure boasts of a large pond called as Kalyani
The beauty of the steps leading to water and the mantapas built all around are such that it has been captured in many Indian films.

Light was fading away drastically and the clouds ready to open up anytime, having spent our Saturday afternoon having loads of fun and with a little disappointment not been able to take more photos of a beautiful panoramic view we started our journey back home hoping it does not rain till we reach home.

Until Next time, Adios Amigos

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